December 2011

Can I Be Denied Job Training or an Apprenticeship?

I work under a union contract in the movie business. I am a Republican and everyone else is a Democrat. Otherwise, everyone I work under is White. It seems crazy but my senior union member is discriminating against be because he doesn't like my political beliefs. He won't train me so that I can enter a better position. Is this legal?

Can my Past Employer Refuse to Refer Me for Employment?

My employer would not give me a reference for a new position. He always had a hard time with me and all women who worked under him. Is it legal for him to refuse to refer me to another employer or to bad-mouth me when the new employer calls for a reference?

By Deskin Law Firm

Can My Employer Penalize Me for Alerting the Company to Possible Age Discrimination?

I felt that my employer was descriminating against me by not giving me a promotion after working in my same position for 10 years. I'm over 60 years of age and a man 20 years my junior was given the position instead. I complained to the owners of the company and found myself demoted to an even lower place on the totem pole three weeks later. It seems I'm being retaliated against.

Can a Religious Organization Discriminate Against Me Or Fire Me for Having An Extra-Martial Affair?

I worked for a church and had an extra-marital affair. This particular church believes adultry is sinful and seperates us from God and that my behavior has compromised and undermined my postion. They terminated my employment. Is that legal?

Is It Illegal To Discriminate in Public Notices and Advertisements?

I responded to an advertisement inviting only Jewish teachers to apply for an open teaching position at a Synagogue. I am Chrisitan and applied anyway because I believe this practice of restricting who can apply to be discriminatory. Are discriminatory practices in advertising illegal?

By Deskin Law Firm

Who is My Employer When A Temp Agency Has Placed Me In A Job Where I Had An Accident?

A temporary agency placed me in a job with one of their clients. Their client made me work long hours and did not pay me overtime and then to top it off, he said that I was "a lazy white person." Both the client and the temp agency are pointing the fingers at the other. Who do I turn to to deal with my overtime and discrimination claims?

Do I Have Rights Against Discrimination Even Though I am an Illegal Immigrant?

I am an undocumented worker who picks fruit for a living. I have been taking abuse from my boss because I am from Mexico and he doesn't like that he has to hire us but he needs us to keep his costs down. Do I have rights even though I am an illegal immigrant?

By Deskin Law Firm

I Manage an Apartment Building, am I Exempt from Overtime?

I manage an apartment building. My duties include maintaining the grounds, cleaning common areas, showing apartments to tenants, verifying references and collecting rents, among other things. Am I Exempt from Overtime?

By Deskin Law Firm

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