employment discrimination

Can I Be Denied Job Training or an Apprenticeship?

I work under a union contract in the movie business. I am a Republican and everyone else is a Democrat. Otherwise, everyone I work under is White. It seems crazy but my senior union member is discriminating against be because he doesn't like my political beliefs. He won't train me so that I can enter a better position. Is this legal?

Can my Past Employer Refuse to Refer Me for Employment?

My employer would not give me a reference for a new position. He always had a hard time with me and all women who worked under him. Is it legal for him to refuse to refer me to another employer or to bad-mouth me when the new employer calls for a reference?

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Do I Have Rights Against Discrimination Even Though I am an Illegal Immigrant?

I am an undocumented worker who picks fruit for a living. I have been taking abuse from my boss because I am from Mexico and he doesn't like that he has to hire us but he needs us to keep his costs down. Do I have rights even though I am an illegal immigrant?

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Can My Employer Penalize Me for Alerting the Company to Possible Age Discrimination?

I felt that my employer was descriminating against me by not giving me a promotion after working in my same position for 10 years. I'm over 60 years of age and a man 20 years my junior was given the position instead. I complained to the owners of the company and found myself demoted to an even lower place on the totem pole three weeks later. It seems I'm being retaliated against.

Is It Illegal To Discriminate in Public Notices and Advertisements?

I responded to an advertisement inviting only Jewish teachers to apply for an open teaching position at a Synagogue. I am Chrisitan and applied anyway because I believe this practice of restricting who can apply to be discriminatory. Are discriminatory practices in advertising illegal?

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Who is My Employer When A Temp Agency Has Placed Me In A Job Where I Had An Accident?

A temporary agency placed me in a job with one of their clients. Their client made me work long hours and did not pay me overtime and then to top it off, he said that I was "a lazy white person." Both the client and the temp agency are pointing the fingers at the other. Who do I turn to to deal with my overtime and discrimination claims?

Can Remarks About My Age Be an Indicator of Discrimination Against Me?

I have been working in a gym for 2 years as a trainer and before that I worked as a manager of gyms for the last 15 years. They promised me that I would be promoted to be a manager within a year. The new owner of the gym says that I am "too damn old to do the job." I am 42 years old! Is this legal?

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Laying off senior employees that have higher pay

I am 52 years old and I have been laid off from my job. I earn more than most employees in my position. Can I sue my employer for employment discrimination for firing me?

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Can An Employer Refuse To Hire Me Because Of Where My Family is From?

I applied for a job at a photo lab and was told by the employer that he had had trouble with "my kind" before. My mother is Middle Eastern and my father was from South Africa so I am not sure what kind that is. Can An Employer Refuse To Hire Me Because He Has Had Bad Experiences With "My Kind" Before?

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Am I Being Discriminated Against When My Employer Refuses to Make Accomodations for My Wheelchair?

I am wheelchair bound and I have had great difficulty getting to and from work because there is no ramp at the entrance to the building. I have mentioned this over and over to my superiors instead of a ramp they have bought me lavish lunches and tickets to sporting events. I don't need these things, I need a ramp to get into work safely. Is it legal to repeatedly deny my request?

Can My Employer Fire Me For Being Pregnant And Having Back Problems?

My employer fired me claiming I was not fulfilling my duties properly because I could no longer move boxes in the warehouse were I had been working. I was pregnant at the time and I had told my boss that my back was given me problems but I was still showing up to work everyday.

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Can An Employer Fire Me For Not Speaking English At Work?

I speak English on an assembly line as I build cars and understand how important communication is between myself and the other people around me. I work with mostly Spanish speaking people and we usually speak in our native tongue when it is not important that everyone understand what we are saying. Can My Employer Fire Me For Speaking Spanish To My Colleagues During Lunch Break?

Employers Can Not Discriminate Against Applicants

I replied to an internet employment ad on craigslist. Among other things, the application requested my gender and age. Is this legal?

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Am I an Independent Contractor or Employee?

I have been working for a company for three years and they have me on the payroll as an independent contractor. It seems like they should be paying me benefits and social security, but they are not. When I got pregnant, they started hinting at laying me off. Is that legal?

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Does It Constitute a Hostile Work Environment When Employees Who Aren't Providing Sexual Favors Are Mad About Employees Who Are?

My work is important to me but I am stressed out and considering turning in my resignation or filing a sexual harassment suit. I have been working in a completely hostile environment where a few people have slept with the bosses and received favoritism as a result and the rest of the hospital is furious. I am a surgeon and people's lives are at stake.

Is It Discrimination to Require Me To Wear Makeup And A Bow In My Hair at Work?

I work at a cafe and they require all the women to wear makeup and bows in their hair. Even though both the men and the women have to wear uniforms, only the women have to do something more with their hair and face. I think this extra burden on the women is discriminatory. Is it against the law?

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Is it Illegal for An Airline to Fire A Female Flight Attendant For Gaining Weight But Not A Male Flight Attendant?

I am a female flight attendant. I gained 7 pounds over the winter and was asked not to come back to work until I had lost all 7 pounds. My employer said it negatively impacted my interaction with my customers. My male colleague that flies the same route as me gained 10 pounds and can barely fit down the aisle and is still working. Have I been the victim of sexual discrimination?

Can I Be Fired For Being Identified As A Transsexual?

I am an Engineer. When I started my job, I was keeping my feelings under control. Society has since become more accepting of transsexuals and I found that I would experience less stress if I did not have to hide the fact that I am a transsexual so I simply identified myself as such. That is all.

Can A Man Call Me A "Bitch" In A Work Setting And Get Away With It?

My colleague has an anger problem and while he has never laid a hand on me he called me a "bitch" the other day. This is highly inappropriate to say the least but I was curious as to whether it was illegal or if I had any recourse? At the least want it to stop!

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Can an Employer Discriminate Against Me Because of My Medical History?

I was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors have said that I have beat it. My employer won't allow me to come back to work. He says that they don't need someone that can have such an "unpredictable attendance record." Is this legal?

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Can my Employer Fire me Because I Had a Child out of Wedlock?

I am not married. I decided to have a child because if I waited to find the right man to have one with, I would not be able to have a child. My employer has fired me because I had a child out of wedlock. Is that legal?

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Can Remarks About Race Be an Indicator of Discrimination Against Me?

I have been working in a restaurant for 3 years as a bus boy. I have the experience to be a waiter. I am African American. My manager keeps calling me "boy." He seems to think that it is okay to refer to me as "boy," when none of the other white people get names like this. I think he is not promoting me because I am African American. Is this legal?

Is My Employer's Conduct Considered Unlawfully Discriminatory?

I am African-American and have been working for my employer for 3 years. Many new people have been hired over time, White, Latino and some African-Americans. It seems like the managers in the store are all White. I have applied for a Manager position a few times and have been told "No" in a very friendly way, but I have more experience than most of the people that get management positions.

Feeling Like Being at Work is Intolerable?

My employer got mugged by a Latino man and lately he has been openly hostile to me. I am Latino, but I have worked for him for 2 years, so I do not know why he is taking it out on me. Is this legal?

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Supervisor is Putting Me Down Because I am Doing Better Than He Is

My supervisor has told me that I have no future with the company and can't count on getting another raise. He doesn't like me because I am a woman and I am getting more praise from our manager that he has ever gotten. Is this illegal?

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Denying You a Raise or Promotion can be Illegal Discrimination

I started out at a lower rate when I got the job and I was not given pension benefits. I didn't know any better when I was hired. My co-workers have gotten raises each year and they have a 401(k). I think I deserve them too. Is this legal?

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American Indian Tribes May Be Able to Discriminate

I work for an American Indian tribe. I am white. I am the only white person that they have hired. Many of my friends have applied to work for the tribe but they simply refuse because the people are not American Indian. Is that legal?

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