October 2011

Am I Being Discriminated Against When My Employer Refuses to Make Accomodations for My Wheelchair?

I am wheelchair bound and I have had great difficulty getting to and from work because there is no ramp at the entrance to the building. I have mentioned this over and over to my superiors instead of a ramp they have bought me lavish lunches and tickets to sporting events. I don't need these things, I need a ramp to get into work safely. Is it legal to repeatedly deny my request?

Can My Employer Fire Me For Being Pregnant And Having Back Problems?

My employer fired me claiming I was not fulfilling my duties properly because I could no longer move boxes in the warehouse were I had been working. I was pregnant at the time and I had told my boss that my back was given me problems but I was still showing up to work everyday.

By Deskin Law Firm

Can An Employer Fire Me For Not Speaking English At Work?

I speak English on an assembly line as I build cars and understand how important communication is between myself and the other people around me. I work with mostly Spanish speaking people and we usually speak in our native tongue when it is not important that everyone understand what we are saying. Can My Employer Fire Me For Speaking Spanish To My Colleagues During Lunch Break?

Can My Employer Retaliate Against Me for Seeking To Get Overtime?

My employer does not like that I am looking to get paid for the overtime they made me work. Can they fire me or make trouble for me at work for trying to get paid for my overtime?

By Deskin Law Firm

I work at a garment manufacturing plant. Am I entitled to overtime?

I work for a garment manfacturer and we do not get overtime despite working long hours. Am I entitled to overtime?

By Deskin Law Firm

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