August 2011

Can I Be Fired For Being Identified As A Transsexual?

I am an Engineer. When I started my job, I was keeping my feelings under control. Society has since become more accepting of transsexuals and I found that I would experience less stress if I did not have to hide the fact that I am a transsexual so I simply identified myself as such. That is all.

Can A Man Call Me A "Bitch" In A Work Setting And Get Away With It?

My colleague has an anger problem and while he has never laid a hand on me he called me a "bitch" the other day. This is highly inappropriate to say the least but I was curious as to whether it was illegal or if I had any recourse? At the least want it to stop!

By Deskin Law Firm

Does It Constitute a Hostile Work Environment When Employees Who Aren't Providing Sexual Favors Are Mad About Employees Who Are?

My work is important to me but I am stressed out and considering turning in my resignation or filing a sexual harassment suit. I have been working in a completely hostile environment where a few people have slept with the bosses and received favoritism as a result and the rest of the hospital is furious. I am a surgeon and people's lives are at stake.

Is It Discrimination to Require Me To Wear Makeup And A Bow In My Hair at Work?

I work at a cafe and they require all the women to wear makeup and bows in their hair. Even though both the men and the women have to wear uniforms, only the women have to do something more with their hair and face. I think this extra burden on the women is discriminatory. Is it against the law?

By Deskin Law Firm

Is it Illegal for An Airline to Fire A Female Flight Attendant For Gaining Weight But Not A Male Flight Attendant?

I am a female flight attendant. I gained 7 pounds over the winter and was asked not to come back to work until I had lost all 7 pounds. My employer said it negatively impacted my interaction with my customers. My male colleague that flies the same route as me gained 10 pounds and can barely fit down the aisle and is still working. Have I been the victim of sexual discrimination?

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